The Very Best Kid-Friendly Dog Breeds for Your Growing Family

The Very Best Kid-Friendly Dog Breeds for Your Growing Family

OK, so we know that according to science, kids prefer dogs to siblings. But that doesn’t mean that every type of dog will take the same shine to your kiddo (yeah, that Siberian Husky of your dreams might not be a great fit with the fam). We did our research to find out which dog breeds will make the very best furry companions for your little ones.

Labrador Retriever

Labs are America’s most popular dog breed for a reason: They’re loving, loyal and big-time smarties (which makes them delightfully easy to train).


If Nana from Peter Pan is any indication, these gentle giants are incredibly nurturing and protective.


If your brood is especially active, consider these friendly, diminutive pooches with an insatiable appetite for playtime. (But they can be easygoing when they need to be.)


Nicknamed “Old Faithful,” these regal dogs are always looking out for—and protecting—their owners. And they adore being around people, especially kids.

Border Collie

Exceptionally gentle and well-behaved, these sweet pups can teach your kids a thing or two about mild manners.

Irish Setter

With their glossy coat and kind eyes, these high-energy dogs behave best when surrounded by loved ones. They’re also great with new people (meaning they’ll be friendly at the park and on play dates).

Golden Retriever

Famously obedient, this beautiful breed is also known for its endless affection and patience.


For the family looking for a chill, low-maintenance companion, these pups have a truly wonderful temperament—they’re non-aggressive, kind and very intelligent.


Affectionate, social and generally super-duper chill, these stocky four-legged friends are also great at getting along with other pets.

Cocker Spaniel

Playful and sweet, these guys are known for being super happy campers that are calm and cheerful with both guests and other animals.