11 Things to Do with Your Kids When You’ve Totally Run Out of Ideas

11 Things to Do with Your Kids When You’ve Totally Run Out of Ideas

You’ve gone to the history museum enough to know the guards by name, hit up the neighbourhood park no less than 20 times (in the past month) and can stream Dora only so much before you throw in the towel. It’s official: You’ve run out of things to do with your kids. For those days when you’re about to admit defeat, consult this list of brain-sharpening activities and unforgettable adventures.

Start a Crafting Hobby

This monthly box of arts and crafts for kids 6 and up includes projects like painting flowerpots and building flyable kites.

Read the Classics

Sharing your favorite childhood books (Matilda! The Wizard of Oz! Peter Pan!) with your clan? Excuse us while we wipe away a tear or two.

Practice Magic

These mind-blowing tricks will excite kids ages 8 and up even more than a new video game. (Yeah, even Call of Duty.)

Plant Flowers

Gardening is so much more fun when you have little hands helping. Plant these seeds now and watch your garden bloom all through the summer.

Cook Together

Healthy and delicious recipes = no more dinnertime temper tantrums.

Work on an Ongoing Art Project

This 36-inch-by-63-inch colouring page will keep them occupied for hours. Literally. Hours.

See a Family-Friendly Movie

All hail air-conditioning.

Create a Yearbook

Encourage your kids to write down (or dictate to you) one new thing they learned each day.

Learn a new Instrument

Tip: A badly played guitar sounds much better than every other badly played instrument.

Make a Homemade Ice Cream

Then reap the rewards.

Put on a Puppet Show

Psst. This stand transforms from an at-home theatre to a lemonade stand.