10 Toys That Will Get Your Kid Interested in Science

10 Toys That Will Get Your Kid Interested in Science

From exploring microscopic views of dirt to watching exploding volcanoes in your kitchen, give your kid a head start on science class with these ten super-fun and super-educational toys.

Periodic Table Building Blocks: Age 2+

If you’re starting out slow, give them a toy that they’ll be using anyway. Before you know it, your daughter will be asking for H2O instead of water.

Microscope: Age 3-5

Nothing looks quite as cool as a strand of hair, zoomed in 10,000x.

3D Pen: Age 10+

If your son or daughter has more of an artistic side, show them the magic of instantaneous creation using this futuristic pen.

Kitchen Kit: Age 8+

This science super box helps kids conduct six different experiments using household items. (Think: launching a rocket with vinegar and generating electricity with a lemon.)

Lego Chain Reactions: Age 7+

Think you may have a future engineer on your hands? Let her explore the world of moving machinery and bridges.

At-Home Planetarium: Age 6+

Show your child the next frontier from the comfort of your own home. After he memorizes all of the constellations, plan a fun summer night under the stars and see how many you can find IRL.

Roller-Coaster Kit: Age 8+

Calling all thrill-seekers: Seven different science experiments are included in this box set all about the physics and kinetic energy of amusement parks.

Magnetic Building Blocks: Age 2+

Think of this like real world Minecraft. These magnetic shapes offer endless building possibilities while encouraging creativity, brain development and critical thinking.

Tasty Science Kit: Age 6+

If your child’s sweet tooth runs the show most days, let them explore the fun side of culinary mysteries: From why cakes rise and soda fizzes to what goes into the creation of rock candy.

Crystal Growing Experiment: Age 5+

Let your little geologists watch with wonder as packets of powder transform into full-grown crystals in just ten days. (Bonus: You’ll get pretty crystals to display around your house.)